Life With Father

Life With Father is one the few cases in which I actually prefer the movie to the book.




Just as implied in the title, the film is about the day-to-day events in the upper class household of financier Clarence Day; played by William Powell who was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar in 1948 for his performance. Although not nominated for her performance in Life With Father, Irene Dunne’s performance as Clarence’s ditzy but lovable wife Vinnie Day was just as memorable.


The rest of the crazy cast of characters include the 4 Day sons, the eldest son’s girlfriend (played by a beautiful teenage Liz Taylor), Vinnie’s Cousin Cora (portrayed perfectly by Za Su Pitts),



the minister of the family church (played by Edmund Gwenn),



the family cook, and a whole string of maids (Clarence scares each away under hilarious circumstances).

My favorite scenes are the discussions between financier Day and clueless Vinnie about various aspects of the household account, politics, and religion.

Our family has enjoyed watching this movie together for many years and I feel sure yours will too.


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