I love movies! I’ve decided to share my list of what I consider my “Personal Classics”. I define ‘personal classics’ as films that a person enjoys enough to watch over and over through many years. Each individual will have different movies in their classics list and I doubt most folks lists will mirror the lists of professional film critics, although both will probably contain many of the same movies. You will notice a lack of certain genre in my personal list; horror, action-adventure, and animation for example. You will probably, however, notice a preponderance of old films.  You will also over time discover that I have very odd taste in films. You will find that I love period pieces or anything that has beautiful clothes. I actually like foreign films particularly Chinese and Indian movies (can you say Bollywood). I’m not terribly fond of musicals but I do like some things that some may consider meer “fluff”.  And I like listening to foreign accents for some strange reason. Anyway, I hope that you find a little gem or two in my list to add to your own classics list and I hope that you will share your list with me. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!


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